Letter to sponsors

Dear Madam / Sir, 

I am getting in contact with you through this letter in the name of the Boldog Terézia Katolikus Egyetemi Feminine Studies Szakkollégium (Blessed Theresia Catholic Feminine Studies Students’ Hostel). I would like to inform you about one of our programs and share with you a request.

Our institution offers a particular formation with feminine approach for 60 young women studying at different university faculties and belonging to different Christian communities, which is unique in Hungary and in the Catholic Church. The two-semester-long formation program which we have been organizing in collaboration with the first Hungarian Reformed Roma Students’ Hostel and the Reformed Theological College is completed with a feminine conference each year.

Between 13 and 15 April, 2012 we are organizing in Debrecen the 5th Carpathian-Basin-wide, THE WORLD THROUGH WOMENS’ EYES Feminine Symposium for which we are expecting about 171 partakers from five countries (Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary). The title of the conference is The Woman as Mediator this year.

Primarily, we are expecting for the symposium young women for whom this event offers not only a possibility of orientation and formation, but also that of building relationships. Our symposium proves spiritual, scientific, artistic and social approaches in an integrated (feminine) way while organizing it, and also regarding its topics and the methodology of its implementation.

The costs of the conference are 3 500 000HUF/10500EUR which we cover from grants so that university students and young people who live beyond the Hungarian borders could take part ofit. Since because of the economic situation the possibilities to apply for grants are not given this year, we are looking for sponsors and the support of the women’s organizations.

We are very grateful for any support, and we would receive from you gratefully any other suggestions about whom else we could contact with our request.

You can get information on our work from our website and the attached material.



Yours sincerely,


Tornay Krisztina M. Petra SSND

Leader of the Institution






THE WORLD THROUGH WOMENS’ EYES symposium is a three-day-long program. Besides plenary presentations (usually 8 to 9 of them), there are public conversations, talks in sections (12 of these last year), workshops (self-knowledge, psychodrama, Holy Scripture, improvisational dancing, supervision, focus), concerts, dance-house and exhibition of arts, as well as common prayers and liturgy (holy mass) in the program.

You can find the pictures of the previous symposiums on the following website:



The symposium is built upon the professional work during the year. Also our students themselves give presentations. They are doing the whole organizing as volunteer work. Organizing such kind of an international program on a quality level is particularly maturing, and is a developing and cohesive force both on personal and communal levels.

We worked out our professional program during 7 years: it is moved by the double purpose of the needs of feminine personal development and the building of women’s community. We are developing our students at four areas: creativity, self-knowledge, social responsiveness and communal life and responsibility. These four areas have an optional, personally adaptable academic program each semester in the framework of credit-system.

The purpose of the Students’ Hostel is to educate Christian, intellectual women,

who serve their smaller community, the society and their church

authentically, demandingly, with human honesty and

with commitment both in their personal and in their professional life.

The condition of the implementation of this purpose is that the members may do

valuable work during their years at university or college.

It is important that the students may be conscious workers of their own personal development besides their professional and studying tasks:

that they may tend to the direction of community life, social responsiveness

and spiritual-psychological maturity.

The Students’ Hostel fosters these with its programs

and through creating a framework of an ecumenical Christian community lifestyle.

The Students’ Hostel is the only intellectual operating workshop that is of

Christian (ecumenical) commitment, Hungarian, making good of feminine studies,

and working on intellectual and scientific areas,

joining together students studying different areas at universities and colleges.


(From our Organizational and Operational Statutes)

Our Students’ Hostel receives financial support from the state. The sum of it is 116 000HUF per year and per capita. The contribution from the students’ part is the same amount. From this amount we manage to cover the current expenses of our buildings and the salaries of our colleagues. We organize each of our programs from different grants: in the year of 2011 our students’ hostel received 10,5 million HUF from EU and other grants.

Twenty percent of our students are from Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania, and about ten percent of the students cannot afford to pay contribution to the students’ hostel because of their disadvantageous social status.

In the present ecological situation the grant resources are stuck in Hungary, therefore we need to look for other resources.

The owner of the students’ hostel, the Hungarian Province of the international Catholic congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame working across three countries, teaches and educates about 2500 children in its institutions and has about 500 workers in Hungary, Serbia and Romania. Since the budget of all our institutions is extended to the maximum level, and we work in disadvantaged areas, the owner cannot support us from its own resources.