Educational program

We worked out our professional program during 7 years: it is moved by the double purpose of the needs of feminine personal development and the building of women’s community. We are developing our students at four areas: creativity, self-knowledge, social responsiveness and communal life and responsibility. These four areas have an optional, personally adaptable academic program each semester in the framework of credit-system.

The purpose of the Students’ Hostel is to educate Christian, intellectual women,

who serve their smaller community, the society and their church

authentically, demandingly, with human honesty and

with commitment both in their personal and in their professional life.

The condition of the implementation of this purpose is that the members may do

valuable work during their years at university or college.

It is important that the students may be conscious workers of their own personal development besides their professional and studying tasks:

that they may tend to the direction of community life, social responsiveness

and spiritual-psychological maturity.

The Students’ Hostel fosters these with its programs

and through creating a framework of an ecumenical Christian community lifestyle.

The Students’ Hostel is the only intellectual operating workshop that is of

Christian (ecumenical) commitment, Hungarian, making good of feminine studies,

and working on intellectual and scientific areas,

joining together students studying different areas at universities and colleges.


(From our Organizational and Operational Statutes)